Women's History Month Spotlight: Amaro Nonino Quintessentia on Draft

History Month Spotlight Amaro Quintessentia on Draft

Join us at Brezza by Chef Nicole Brisson to honor the women behind Amaro Nonino during Women’s History Month. Brezza takes pride in being the first and exclusive restaurant in the United States to offer Amaro Nonino Quintessentia on draft. Indulge in a glass of this exquisite bittersweet amaro, layered with flavors of oranges, apricots and caramel, complemented by a delicate blend of spices. Celebrate the remarkable women who have shaped the iconic brand.

At its heart, Amaro Nonino Quintessentia is an Italian Amaro, crafted in Friuli, Italy. This bitter liqueur is distinguished by its secret mixture of local herbs, fruits, and botanicals, infused into grape brandy—specifically grappa—yielding a highly aromatic digestive. However, Amaro Nonino transcends its category, embodying the legacy of the Nonino family’s innovation and the significant contributions of its female forebearers. From the groundbreaking work of Silvia Milocco, the first woman to distill grappa in Italy in the 1890s, to the brand’s flourishing under its current female leadership, Amaro Nonino represents a lineage of extraordinary women who have redefined traditions and set new standards in the industry.